We are breaking through the glass ceiling, but we cannot do it alone.

We invite you to join our WIN WOMAN ambassador program to connect with a family of impressive, conscientious, and ambitious women who not only want to climb the ladder but reach down and pull others up with them.


A WIN Woman Will:

Get a chance to win an all expenses paid trip to New York City for the 2019 WIN Summit

Gain access to year long programming around negotiation skill building, work-life balance, and executive development

Have the opportunity to be featured in our WIN Social Media

Be invited to our VIP cocktail reception at the 2019 WIN Summit

Receive special discount codes for your friends and family for 2019 WIN Summit.

To Be Eligible: 

You must plan to attend the 2019 WIN Summit

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WIN Woman Spotlight

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Samantha Saperstein

Head of Women on the Move, JPMorgan Chase

Name: Samantha (Sam) Saperstein  

Title/Position: Head of Women on the Move, JPMorgan Chase

Three adjectives to describe you: Curious, Compassionate, Motivated

Biggest loss: Cancellation of an eCommerce project I was leading

Biggest win:  Moving into my current job

Words to live by: You won’t get what you don’t ask for

Fantasy dinner date: Hugh Jackman (my husband would want to come too)

If I weren’t doing this I would be .... a reporter/writer

Best negotiation tip: Really understand what the other party wants, so you can better agree on a mutually beneficial outcome

Favorite self care ritual: Exercise – Pilates or Peloton


Romy Newman

co-founder of fairygodboss

Three adjectives to describe you:

Outgoing, strategic and passionate

Biggest loss: I feel so lucky -- I don’t have a biggest loss.

Biggest win: A family that I love.

Words to live by: Gratitude.

Fantasy dinner date: Mary Barra, CEO of GM. I am so inspired by her. It’s clear she has incredible business acumen. She has such an understanding of GM’s core business, having started as an engineer and now as CEO. I believe leading a prolific, iconic company like GM is no easy feat, but she does it with such dedication, focus and grace that she makes it look easy. I also love her focus on advancing women in STEM.

If I weren’t doing this I would be .... working for a nonprofit. I’ve also always wanted to be on broadway!

Best negotiation tip: Remember it’s not all about you. Timing has an incredible impact on whether or not you’re successful — especially when asking for a raise. It’s important to consider the other parties in the negotiation and the situation you’re dealing with. By having a full understanding of the different power dynamics and the goals of the varying stakeholders, you’ll be more successful in achieving your own goals in the negotiation.

Favorite self care ritual: Yoga