We are breaking through the glass ceiling but we cannot do it alone.

We invite you to join our WIN WOMAN scholarships and ambassador programs to connect with a family of impressive, conscientious, and ambitious women who not only want to climb the ladder but reach down and pull others up with them.


Maternship Program

The WIN “Maternship” program was created for stay-at-home mothers who are ready to negotiate their way back into the workforce.  Through participation in our sponsor-supported scholarship program, women who otherwise lack the necessary resources and/or support to attend the WIN Summit will be able to do so.  Taking part in this potentially life-changing event will eliminate many of the barriers women face upon re-entering the workforce. The WIN Summit will provide both the hard skills and confidence necessary for re-establishing their careers and reclaiming their professional identity.

Who Should Apply?

WIN welcomes any woman who has stepped away from her career to focus on family and is now looking to re-enter the workforce to apply. Those experiencing additional hardships and/or financial challenges will be given priority.

How Can WIN Help Mothers Returning to Work?

  • Build a network

  • Grow confidence

  • Refresh your skills

  • Negotiate the Work/Family/Life Balance

Ambassadorship Program

A WIN Woman Will:

Get a chance to win an all expenses paid trip to New York City for the 2020 WIN Summit

Gain access to year long programming around negotiation skill building, work-life balance, and executive development

Have the opportunity to be featured in our WIN Social Media

Be invited to our VIP cocktail reception at the 2020 WIN Summit

Receive special discount codes for your friends and family for 2020 WIN Summit

To Be Eligible: 

You must plan to attend the 2020 WIN Summit

Support WIN through your network and social media


WIN Woman Spotlight


Get to know some of the women who inspire us with their wisdom, their negotiation prowess, and their passion for helping other women succeed!

If you know anyone you think is worthy of a WIN Woman Spotlight you can nominate her at the link below.


Lydia Frank

VP Content Strategy, PayScale

Name: Lydia Frank

Title/Position: VP Content Strategy, PayScale

Three adjectives to describe you: Driven, empathetic, hopeful.

Biggest loss: I've had moments where I've lost confidence in myself - where I've let the overwhelming task of making the world more equitable overwhelm me - but I always come out the other side with a renewed commitment because the fight is worth it and I'm not in it alone.

Biggest win: The biggest win is always paying it forward. What is the point of power and privilege if you don't use it to lift someone else up who is facing more barriers than you? We each have a responsibility to draw a map once we've forged a path.

Words to live by: You don't need anyone's permission to fight for what's right.

Fantasy dinner date: My husband cooking me dinner. He happens to be a chef, so that helps. He also loves to cook, so this dinner date happens a lot.

If I weren’t doing this I would be A rock star. I love music and to sing. In another life, maybe that would have been my path, but I'm pretty happy with the one I'm on.

Best negotiation tip: Always know your worth in the market. Data-driven pay discussions are much more likely to go your way.

Favorite self care ritual: Reading - in bed, on a beach, on the bus. It doesn't matter as long as I have some time to immerse myself in another world for a bit. I often need a break from the one we're in.


Romy Newman

Founder and CEO of FAirygodboss

Name: Romy Newman

Title/Position: Founder and CEO of Fairygodboss

Three adjectives to describe you: Outgoing, strategic and passionate

Biggest loss: I feel so lucky -- I don’t have a biggest loss

Biggest win: A family that I love.

Words to live by: Gratitude

Fantasy dinner date: Mary Barra, CEO of GM. I am so inspired by her. It’s clear she has incredible business acumen. She has such an understanding of GM’s core business, having started as an engineer and now as CEO.  I believe leading a prolific, iconic company like GM is no easy feat, but she does it with such dedication, focus and grace that she makes it look easy. I also love her focus on advancing women in STEM. 

If I weren’t doing this I would be .... working for a nonprofit. I’ve also always wanted to be on broadway!

Best negotiation tip: Remember it’s not all about you. Timing has an incredible impact on whether or not you’re successful — especially when asking for a raise. It’s important to consider the other parties in the negotiation and the situation you’re dealing with. By having a full understanding of the different power dynamics and the goals of the varying stakeholders, you’ll be more successful in achieving your own goals in the negotiation. 

Favorite self care ritual: Yoga


Carol Sankar

Founder of The Confidence Factor for Women in Leadership

Name: Carol Sankar

Title/Position: Founder of The Confidence Factor For Women In Leadership

Three adjectives to describe you: Reader, Artist, Foodie

Biggest loss: Loss of my father and grandparents within the last few years

Biggest win:  Starting the Confidence Factor for Women. Years of rejection for the idea, but finding the courage to do it my way and the same investors came back

Words to live by: Fear is selfish. it robs you of feeding the next generation

Fantasy dinner date: Ahhh.. Blair Underwood

If I weren’t doing this I would be A speechwriter or public policy advocate

Best negotiation tip: Ask for more than what you want and work your way down to your value

Favorite self care ritual: Lime water with fresh mangoes daily

Group 5.png

Janice Sullivan

CEO of CLG Group [Brand president of rebecca taylor and ceo of parker]

Name: Janice Sullivan  

Title/Position: CEO of CLG Brands [Brand President of Rebecca Taylor]

Three adjectives to describe you: Disciplined, Collaborative and Confident

Biggest loss: Not getting Edun off the ground

Biggest win:  Being a Mom

Words to live by: You reap what you sow

Fantasy dinner date: Michelle Obama

If I weren’t doing this I would be Nutritionist/Physical Therapist

Best negotiation tip: 

  • Be Authentic

  • Understand the other sides and perspectives

  • If you don’t understand the what and why you cannot know how to be effective

  • Summarize, summarize and summarize

Favorite self care ritual: I run and meditate daily

Group 6.png

Michelle Lee

Editor in Chief, Allure

Name: Michelle Lee 

Title/Position: Editor In Chief, Allure

Three adjectives to describe you: Creative, resourceful, unflappable

Biggest loss: My very first digital company failed when the owners pulled funding from our project. The staff of about 15-20 people were all let go. But, it ended up being one of the greatest learning experiences because that failure motivated me to never let that happen again. I sprung into action, creating my own branded content agency with 3 partners, learned a ton about business and technology in the years that followed, and gained so much insight into what *not* to do.

Biggest win:  When Allure won Adweek's Magazine of the Year and I was named Editor of the Year in 2017. As a new Editor in Chief taking over a then-25-year-old iconic brand, there were a lot of questions (and doubts) about how I would change its voice and image. Those awards were the culmination of a lot of extremely hard work by my team who were committed to creating big cultural moments that went beyond what people knew about makeup and skin care and hair. We shifted Allure to be about that intersection between culture and beauty, challenging beauty standards and driving the social conversation about everything from skin color to gender to aging, when we announced we were banning the term anti-aging from all of our content. And, while still staying true to our beauty message, we made larger social statements, for instance becoming the first major women's magazine in the U.S. to feature a woman in a hijab on the cover when we had model Halima Aden with the line This Is American Beauty.

Words to live by: Being safe will only get you so far. I can attribute much of my success to taking risks. As a kid, I never considered myself particularly adventurous or risk-taking, but later in my career, I learned that trying to please everyone means you'll please no one. Take risks. And don't be afraid of making some people angry.

Fantasy dinner date: On a lawn in Tuscany with my family.

If I weren’t doing this I would be: Hosting a series about food and travel

Best negotiation tip: Don't be afraid to ask. I think women, in particular, are very concerned about the other person having a negative opinion of them if they aim too high. Unless you're being completely unrealistic, the other person will not think less of you for asking what you think you're worth. Also, stop looking at negotiation as a one-time event. You need to continually show your worth and build a story about WHY you're so valuable throughout the year, not just give someone a laundry list of accomplishments when you want something.

Favorite self care ritual: A sheet mask, glass of wine, and listening to nature sounds on my headphones.

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Samantha Saperstein

Head of Women on the Move, JPMorgan Chase

Name: Samantha (Sam) Saperstein  

Title/Position: Head of Women on the Move, JPMorgan Chase

Three adjectives to describe you: Curious, Compassionate, Motivated

Biggest loss: Cancellation of an eCommerce project I was leading

Biggest win:  Moving into my current job

Words to live by: You won’t get what you don’t ask for

Fantasy dinner date: Hugh Jackman (my husband would want to come too)

If I weren’t doing this I would be .... a reporter/writer

Best negotiation tip: Really understand what the other party wants, so you can better agree on a mutually beneficial outcome

Favorite self care ritual: Exercise – Pilates or Peloton