JP Morgan

“The Summit brought to the surface so many of the key leadership issues we must address in the workforce, yet are often never aired — especially those relating to leveraging ‘female’ qualities to excel.”

— Business Development Executive, JP Morgan

GE Capital

“The Summit was extraordinary. I was inspired by the data, discussions, and the broad spectrum of professional women in attendance. Through these forums we learn, inspire, and make positive change.”

— Human Resources Executive, GE Capital


“What an excellent event! Every single woman in business should attend, and every woman who wants to ‘get what she deserves’ should attend!”

— Marketing Executive, Edelman PR


“A one of a kind experience for women looking to expand their communication, not just their negotiation skills. The faculty is filled with truly amazing talent willing to share their past experiences (the good, the bad, and the ugly!) for the benefit of attendees.”

— Sourcing Manager, CDPHP

Pursue Your Purpose + Forbes Coach

“Great professional connections. The organizing team did a great job overall! The effort to gather a diverse group of speakers and attendees does not go unnoticed and is very appreciated!”

— Founder, Pursue Your Purpose + Forbes Coach


“Not only did I validate my issues as being shared [by others], I have been able to share the topics with women in my workplace to help motivate them.”

— Manager, Siemens

Warby Parker

“This was not an ordinary conference. I came away with so many tools and lessons from the day. It was a great experience and I highly recommend it.”

— Strategy Manager, Warby Parker