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Why Sponsor?

Align with a powerful movement and showcase your corporate support for diversity, inclusion and empowerment initiatives.  

Companies that respect and value the contributions of women and seek to maximize their potential are encouraged to join forces with WIN.   

Beyond just talking about the opportunity gap, your involvement in WIN places you at the forefront of companies that seek to actually do something about it.



Benefits of Sponsorship


Recognition at the summit and on all virtual and social media platforms. 

Beyond the summit, year-round reach to our engaged community through our website, monthly e-newsletter, and digital marketing campaigns.



Help create the premiere professional development event for the advancement of women in business. 

Have the opportunity to highlight the thought leadership of your senior women as featured speakers and panelists.



Access to top talent and mentorship opportunities through our WIN Woman ambassador network.

Support personal and professional development for a diverse group of women.

2019 Sponsors


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Past Sponsors Include: