Gain access to a strong, values-based community of successful and talented women.

WIN offers its attendees year round programming, content, and a community of women who wish to advance each other professionally and personally.


The Need for WIN

While women comprise 46% of entry-level positions, only 6% of S&P 500 CEOs are women.

Women are still only paid approximately 76 cents on the dollar to men

72% of employed women in the US work in management and sales, where negotiation skills are essential

Only 30% of women negotiate their job packages as opposed to nearly 50% of men

Women who negotiated offers at their current jobs feel more invested and a sense of greater reward

According to the Government Accountability Office, it will be at least 40 years until the U.S. reaches gender parity  



Our Partners


Columbia University’s Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, combines theory and applied training to prepare students to develop practical models for negotiating and resolving disputes among parties with differing objectives and desires.   The program’s training philosophy is grounded in a commitment to interactive, dialogue-based methods of managing and resolving conflict. The focus is on building common ground, establishing dialogue, applying practical skills, ensuring representation and recognition, and forging relationships.


Established at Barnard College, a pioneering force in undergraduate women’s education since 1889, the Athena Center for Leadership Studies is dedicated to the advancement of inspired and courageous women leaders around the world.  


Founded in 1966 by Gerard I. Nierenberg, The Negotiation Institute is the first and longest-running negotiation training organization in the world, with a legacy and depth of experience that provides clients with unparalleled solutions across negotiation, high-performance sales, procurement, supply chain management, leadership, and presentation skills. Previous clients include more than half of the Fortune 1000, over 40 Governments, and hundreds of companies and organizations across all industries and sectors.